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Our Practices

Our farm is built around continuing education. Ardani focuses on progressive "best practices" that are in line the biology of the horse. We follow an anti-inflammatory diet for the horses in our care, to include mineral balancing, vitamin E supplementation and loose salt available free-choice. We are happy to work with you and your vet to develop a plan customized to your horse. 

If you have additional nutritional information that will assist in our care, please reach out. We are always looking to learn more. 

Forage Testing

As forage is the base of our feeding program, it is essential for us to know what is in it. We work with our supplier to test each batch of hay for not only its sugar and starch content, but also for it's vitamin and mineral composition. This, along with seasonal pasture testing, allows us to use mineral blends that supplement our forage based diet to better meet the needs of the horses in our care. 

Slow Feed and Movement

In the wild, horses move over large tracts of varied terrain,  eating small amounts over the course of 18-20 hours. Modern, highly cultivated and fertilized pastures are no replacement for their natural environment. Knowing that we can't create the mountains of Nevada in South East Virginia, we began brainstorming on what we can do. 

 Why hay nets? For more information click here

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