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Rosemary Sprig

Everyone on the farm has a job to do:

Rather than working against nature, we do our best to work with it. 

There are two types of beneficial plants. Those that benefit the horse and those that benefit the land and wildlife. You'll need to know both of these types of plants and intermix them, to create a healthy ecosystem that is supporting the needs of our horses. 

A note about toxicity: There are varying levels of toxicity in plants in both severity and dosage required to illicit a response. Some plants in small amounts have no ill-effects, however they shouldn't be used as the primary forage for horses (Dock is a good example), these are often listed on sites as" Toxic to Equines". However there are plants that I would go out of my way to eliminate in my pastures due to how dangerous they are (Drop Water Hemlock would be a key one.) Everyone has to make their own decisions about the health of their horses, please work with your vet before adding any plants to your horses' diets. 

Rosemary Sprig

Native plants on our property :


The plants listed in this section have no reported toxicity in equines at the time of writing.  

Black Willow - Salix Nigra

American Witchhazel-Hamamelis virginiana

Viburnum dentatum - Arrowhead Viburnum 

False Dragon Head (Obedient Plant) - Physostegia virginiana


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