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Ardani Farm

Suffolk, Virginia

A home for

Practical Holistic Horse Care & Wellness Center

Our philosophy

When you know better, do better

Our farm is built around continuing education, putting research into practice and testing the results. Ardani focuses on progressive "best practices" that are in line with the biology of the horse. 


In the wild, horses move over large tracts of varied terrain,  eating small amounts over the course of 18-20 hours. Modern, highly cultivated and fertilized pastures are no replacement for their natural environment. A shift is needed. Knowing that we can't create the mountains of Nevada in South East Virginia, we began brainstorming on what we can do. 

We are blessed with some rolling hills on our property, and supplement them with varied surfaces (sand, pea gravel, crushed oyster shell, and more) and items to step over and step up on to in order to help the horses develop and maintain strong proprioception.

We follow an anti-inflammatory diet for the horses in our care, to include mineral balancing,  ground flax, vitamin E supplementation and loose salt available free-choice. We are happy to work with you and your vet to develop a plan customized to your horse. 

We employ hay nets to allow our horses to have constant (but restricted) access to forage during the day. There have been several good university studies on the benefits of this, but here is a link to an article with a good overview of some of the reasons why we choose this management technique: Slow Feeding

We use fecal egg counts to direct our worming procedure, along with pasture and manure management techniques, and follow veterinary recommended protocols based on the results. For more information on FEC, see here. All horses will require a fecal within 30 days of coming to our barn, to ensure the proper protocols are being followed for that horse. 


If you have additional information that will assist in our care, please reach out. We are always looking to learn more. 


Why increased turn out?

It can help with


Horses are designed to eat up to 20 hours a day. We provide ample grazing and ad lib hay. 

Healthy Relationships

Horses (and people) are herd animals. We encourage both species to create strong, healthy, lasting bonds. 


Horses are designed to move. Their hooves and digestive systems require near constant moving. We have built our system with this need in mind. 

Cognitive Enrichment

Our pastures are more than grass. We encourage herbs to grow in all of our pastures, which allows horses to browse and forage as nature intended. We also provide regular cognitive enrichment activities to keep their minds working. 

Hoof Health

Our water stations are designed to encourage healthy soles and stimulate strong hooves. The increased movement keeps blood flowing through the hooves.

Stress Reduction

Our facilities are designed with horses' ethology in mind. Everything is specific to their needs. This reduces stress and results in a happier, healthier horses.  

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